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Arts and Crafts

Bhutanese arts and crafts stand a pulsating testimony to the country’s rich cultural heritage. Apart from its roots in the intrinsic religious significance, it possesses a boundless creativity in its style. From the majestic fortresses [...]


Bhutan peacefully transitioned to democracy in 2008 after being under monarchy for exactly 101 years. The period of monarchy saw four progressive and visionary successive Kings. Today the country is experiencing an interesting phase in [...]


Bhutan experiences four different seasons. Most tourist visit Bhutan in spring and autumn. Spring is the time when Bhutan’s rich flora gets at it best as many and various flowers blossom. And during this time [...]


Bhutan’s economy started to look beyond its borders only in the early 1960s. It was the time when Bhutan had its first five year development plan. Because of its self-imposed isolation for centuries the country’s [...]


People of Bhutan consider the natural environment as a home to gods and goddesses. The belief explains the commitment of the country to protect its environment. The Constitution mandates that at least 60% of the [...]


Majority of the Bhutanese are Buddhists. There are people who follow other faiths like Hinduism and Christianity. Hinduism is followed by the minority ethnic group called Nepalese and Christianity by a few Bhutanese. And Buddhism [...]


Don’t be surprised if you come across a person who says “What can I do for you?” And “would you like to have something?” or “You can stay at my place tonight”. These are some [...]


Ancient stone implements and other archaeological findings indicate that there were settlements in the country dating back to 2000 B.C. The chronicled history of the kingdom, however, begins with the advent of Buddhism in the [...]

Welcome to Bhutan!

Today Bhutan has become synonymous with ‘happiness’ to most foreigners who have been to and know about the country. The reason lies in the fact that this small Himalayan kingdom aspires to become a role [...]