Visa Requirement

All visitors to Bhutan require a visa Arranging your travel to Bhutan is not difficult as you assume.  Once you get in touch with any of the local tour operators, you will be advised to produce documents necessary to process your visas and your travel can be arranged within few days including your visas, Drukair flights, hotels, guides, transport and other logistics. Bhutan visas should be arranged through any of the tour operators in Bhutan (all the tour operators in Bhutan are registered by the government of Bhutan).  No foreign missions or embassies abroad sanction tourists’ visas.  As per [...]

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Travel Essentials

Druk Air flights observes the baggage weight limit of 20 kg (40lb) in economy class and 30 kg (60) in business class so it can be troublesome and expensive to carry too much. Even if you pay for excess baggage, it still travels standby and may be offloaded. As with all travel, the less you carry, the easier it is to move around and the less there is to misplace. Due to wide range of temperature and climatic conditions it would be advisable to bring appropriate clothing. From May to September, cotton clothes are sufficient plus a woolen sweater [...]

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Tourist Tariff

It is advisable to book your trip to Bhutan at least 3 months in advance, in order to ensure the smooth planning of your trip. Since tourism started relatively recently in Bhutan (1974), tourist infrastructure is still limited. There are also a limited number of flights in and out of the country. This means that peak season can be quite busy, so the earlier you book, the better chance we have of securing flights and good hotel rooms for you. Some hotels are already filling up for March – April and October – November. The festival times you need [...]

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Tourism Policy of Bhutan

Bhutan’s national policy of High Value, Low Volume  Tourism asks every visitor to Bhutan to be sensitive to the social, culture and environmental system that is trying to preserve the best of its traditions in a rapidly changing world. Bhutan opened up tourism in 1974 and the government adopted a cautious tourism policy from the beginning to avoid the negative impacts that mass tourism could have in a small country. This exclusive policy was Bhutan’s representation of eco-tourism. The government has long lived to its vision of sustainable living, encapsulated in its Gross National Happiness policy and its middle [...]

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