Bhutan experiences four different seasons. Most tourist visit Bhutan in spring and autumn.

Spring is the time when Bhutan’s rich flora gets at it best as many and various flowers blossom. And during this time around the skies are clear and you can see towering snow-covered mountains of the Himalayas. Tourists say spring is the best season to visit Bhutan.

Even in spring Bhutan’s fierce winter, especially in high altitude would be over. Tourists who intend to visit during this time are advised to be equipped with some winter clothes.

Spring season starts from March and ends roughly in June. And another good time of the year – autumn – begins from September and lasts till the end of November.

However, Bhutan’s climatic conditions are different at different places and locations. It is because the country’s geography is mixed of mountains, plains, valleys, and hills.

Some places in Bhutan are as low as 100m and as high as more than 7,000m above the sea level.

Winters in Bhutan are cold and dry with most high lying places snow-covered. And summers are humid and experience heavy rains and frequent road blocks.

Bhutan has three different climatic zones: subtropical in the south, temperate in the central region, and alpine in the north.